Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nothing to Say?

Nothing to say? Well, hardly.

I just find myself using other forums these days. Whether it be quickie tweets or slightly longer form status line musings -- or comments on those of others -- my comments have either been quick one-offs or parts of a longer conversation.

It could be the time thing. After all, I just realized that I hadn't made a blog entry since we became a family of five. A family of FIVE!! After all that's transpired, it's a particularly remarkable thing. And now, little Eliza has a new trick! Mobility!!!! Four wheel, well, erm, limb, drive and a pretty powerful little motor, and it's off to the races. No item is safe from her potential grasp.

And the big guys are doing what you'd expect. Getting bigger. Not so big that they're ready to get out of my pocket and into the world -- Paul's only maybe, perhaps, halfway there -- but bigger, nevertheless. And Alex is now a first grader. It's official.

Yup. Summer has begun, summer vacation, to be exact.
So, until late August, we'll have to be more entertaining.

I think we may be able to handle it! I hope so, anyway...

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