Sunday, October 09, 2011

It Was the Best of Times, IT was the Worst...

It's pretty scary out there, folks.

The best thing we can take away from the economic numbers is that it's not getting worse fast. A pretty small consolation.

At least it seems that some people are waking up a little bit. The unsustainability of the approach of the last several decades -- itself a result of a combination of comfort and fear -- is revealing itself. The idea that the great American Dream has been perverted has become a little less alien. The idea that someday you or your children could 'have it all' was never supposed to be taken quite that literally.

We'll see. Perhaps I spend too much of my time in an environment where market fundamentalism seems to be too silly a concept, somewhere between flat earthism and young earthism... Oh. Wait. I forgot the last survey numbers.

It's pretty scary out there folks.

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